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About company

Present yourself a free time – give the work to automatic machinery.

    1. Turnkey engineering of production facilities, with 8 years of design experience ACS TP, Fire Alarm Systems, Communication Networks;

    2. Complex construction of oil and gas facilities, welding department certified in NAKS, special equipment;

    3. Construction and installation works - 12 independent teams with experience in construction and installation works, Instrumentation, power supply, security and fire alarm and communication;

    4. Manufactore of automation cabinets, power units for your requirements with full engineering documentation;

    5. Development of programs and commissioning of all levels of process control systems, automated control system for power supply, telemechanics, security and fire alarm;

    6. High-voltage tests and electrical measurements up to 10kV.

We have the experience and federal licenses on designing, installation, adjustment and alignment of automation systems, lighting, power supply and production control.

There are all nescessary permits:.

  • SRO certificate for construction №CPO-C-032-31082009 of 09.10.2017;
  • SRO certificate for design №CPO-П-023-10092009 of 10.01.2018;

  • Certificate electrical laboratory up to 10kV №33-85-2015 of 07.12.2015;

  • License of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for installation, maintenance and repair of the fire safety equipment №8-Б/00725 of 03.07.2012;

  • Quality management certificate ISO9001:2015;

  • Certificates of conformity for products: buildings mobile systems "APDAR", power cabinets APSUK, automation complexes, control cabinet fire extinguishing system;


14 October 2007
Diploma of "Sibiria Athens" contest in "New Scientific developments and technologu" nomination is received

9 October 2007
Test version of "WebScada" - Web-technology based SCADA-systems - is launched

13 August 2007
New license of Federal building and municipal agency is received

13 July 2007
First lot of street creeping line device is produced. For adding and changing of reflected information a built-in GSM modem is used