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Custom manufactoring automation and control cabinets

The main types of automation and control cabinets

ACS TP cabinet:

- Processing of algorithms management;

- Managment of executive devices;

Server cabinet:

- Location of server equipment;

- Accommodation of client stations;

ACS PT cabinets:

- Functional control systens + POS + fire fighting;

Station control cabinet:

- Tracking technological paraemeters;

- Transfer of information to top level;

Power supply cabinet:

- Accommodation of 19" sources uninterruptible power supply;

- Load capacity up to 25 kVA;

Security and fire alarm cabinet:

- Connection of address and non-addressed sensors PIC;

Gas system cabinet:

- Accommodation of secondary NW instruments;

- Parameter tracking gas contamination;

Communication cabinet:

- Connection between systems through radio frequency and optical equipment;

The basic element base for the production of cabinets built only on high-quality equipment

All production is certified in accordance with technical regulations of the customs union, ISO and implemented at oil and gas production facilities


14 October 2007
Diploma of "Sibiria Athens" contest in "New Scientific developments and technologu" nomination is received

9 October 2007
Test version of "WebScada" - Web-technology based SCADA-systems - is launched

13 August 2007
New license of Federal building and municipal agency is received

13 July 2007
First lot of street creeping line device is produced. For adding and changing of reflected information a built-in GSM modem is used